Diamond Ratings

Over the years, I got the opportunity to be 'brainwashed" by the following diamonds on those stupid RTs that were almost shoved down my throat on an expensive weekly basis. Just remember that, if you didn't buy into the "system" you weren't going to get any help from your "mentors". And, don't forget that you would lose 90 days/ 120 days, whatever off making Direct Distributor.
1. Roger & Gayle Sitcler—I think he was in real estate. Met him once in person. Seemed real, he was the only Diamond who bothered to greet "regulars" at any function I went to—and I went to most of them. They were having marital problems as I was on my way out.
2. Clarke & Diana Broome—I don't know about them. Diana was the sarcastic half. I cracked up at some of the stuff she said. He was pretty boring. Business, business, how to, blah, blah, blah.
3. Jay & Jan Cuccia—At first, I liked his "In Your Face" type of thing, but the act got old after a year or two when he continued to do the same thing over and over again. They must know that the turnover is high in this game. She was nothing special.
4. Dave & Mickie Vanni—Another high energy guy like #3 but didn't match the charisma even close. He tried to copy #3 but no success. Well, #3 WAS his upline...
5. Michael Singleton—All I know is that he boasted about being single and building the business. One of the few… Wonder how he got into the cartel?? Perfect for someone who is single and looking at the business… You Can Succeed Too… Look At Me!!!!
6. Dick & Janet Payne- Grant's upline. Never interacted with them. Made one tape or two, that's about it. Probably didn't have much appeal to the general masses.
7.Bob & Sue Payne—First tape I ever listened to. Convincing, by the book.
8 McCracken- He was lively, to put it mildly. An "in your face" type of guy. If you need to convince somebody to stay with it, pop in one of his tapes. He could do one without his wife. Very passionate type of guy.
9. Dennis & Linda (then Susie) McEachern. He was a high strung guy. She was pretty stern. They didn't get along and were divorced by the time they reached diamond. She's very well provided for. Susie was his/their aerobics instructor and looks wofully out of place on stage. Not good credibility
10. Brad & Cheryl Biegert- Very dull.. Listening to them was like having the energy sapped out of you. The upline of the first couple I allegedly worked with, Norm & Marie Hall.
11. Jim & Denise Bellacera—He was pretty phony. Such the "perfect" couple. He tried to sound convincing. Maybe to himself, but that was about it. I guess enough people believed in him.
12. Chosen & Melly Cheng—I know a couple of people who personally worked with him. How he comes across to the masses and how he deals with some of his people, are quite different. The people I talked to say he doesn't have a clue of how to communicate or have any business sense. These are actual distributors who worked with him. One of the dist in his group tried to pull me away from Codiga's group in 1995.
13. Leif & Beverly Johnson--- The were so far up the food chain, you could only see them from afar. They stunk of money. Flaunted it wherever they appeared. I think got to Crown direct (they were Triples when I left the business). They divorced and are carrying their own businesses once again. Seemed to be an awkward couple
14. Jim & Margie Floor--- Seemed to be the most successful couple in INA under Jim Elliott. Another "perfect" couple that just stunk of confidence. I know there's something going on with that whole group in general. How could they be so successful… Well, they have a very large fleet of distributors and have their own tape mfg plant. Hmmmmmmm…. Is soap the only thing here??

There were others I heard: Tim Foley (former player for the Miami Dolphins of the 70's. ) Also named in one of the suits against either Dexter Yager or Bill Britt Coleman Orr--- He was a crackup. I got entertainment value just listening to his tape. He had so many stories, Ya' know, I don' t think he's even doing Amway anymore, but I only heard it 3rd hand, so don't hold me to that. He and Jody Victor were the most entertaining ones. They were worth the $6 I spent on their tapes.

This concludes my not so official rating of the Diamonds that I came in contact with, mostly in tape form.