Past contacts Post-Amway recovery.
Well, as far as I can tell, I have been approached by 3 MLM recruiters.
1) One at a Barnes and Noble…

He started talking about his recreation--- I think it was classic automobiles and the fact that he was going to have plenty of money and time to work on them now that he was involved in his own home based business.
That put up warning bells… "MLM MLM MLM Amway Amway Amway Not Interested but I think I'll have a little fun"
At the time he was trying to engage me in conversation, I was reading some computer book, sitting in a chair--- something that is common in Barnes and Noble.
I tersely responded that I was in my own business before and it didn't work out the way I wanted it too and that I put a lot of effort into it. And wasn't really interested in pursuing another opportunity any time in the future. I think at that point I failed his prospecting test.
He tried to get more info out of me. I cheerfully gave him my company name and my first name and where the company was located. I just wanted to do that so I could turn him down flat The fool never called to my disappointment
This probably happened in late 1996
#2) It was a phone solicitation from a resume I had posted on a jobs newsgroup in mid 1997

The guy calls and asks for me in person (I had a roommate). So, I said, "this is him" He talked about a business oppy. I first asked if it was MLM and then Amway. He said yes, blah blah blah…. Being outside of the whole brainwashing thing, I find current distributors who are new at it or really into the whole Amway aurora, fascinating to watch and listen to. So, having gone through the whole ordeal, I started asking questions, more out of amusement and to see who he got stuck with, than anything else. I already knew what my answer was.
I asked who his Diamond was, he said Brad Biegert

Well, wonders never cease, Brad and Cheryl Biegert (BCB Industries) were the Diamond organization I first got involved with in 1988. I mentioned this and was non-committal about them but I mentioned the Emeralds (names too) I was more closely involved with (they will have their own page dedicated to them since they were such a piece of work). I said I was not interested in MLM and that this was not the way to go about recruiting for people. He was curious to know what it was like. I had to bite my tongue but I did say that, "You're going to find the whole group very interesting" and ripped the Emeralds that I worked closely with (NMH) saying, "you're lucky you aren't working with them" and left it at that.
If this phone call had happened now that I'm further removed from the whole A thing, I don't know that I would've said anything different
...many years later... (LOL).. at a Waffle House in Nashville, TN, 2004.
the word, "wifi", was making headway in the computer world...
I am sitting at the counter with my laptop open, fishing off of a wifi connection at a hotel across the street. (Elm Hill pike, near Briley Pkwy), and lo and behold, a guy approaches me about a job opportunity. We chat for a spell, gives me his card, gets some info about me, and leaves. Three days later.... guess what? He calls me and starts to go into his spiel (that sounded oh, too familar). About 1 minute into his call, I took over and asked what I already knew... What is this? Qixar? He fessed up right away, and then I went into the whole, "I was in Amway in the 1990s" and bought in real hard, and got nothing out of it.
Amway has gotten into the computer age-- they had no choice then to go with the flow. Anyway, my synopsis is the same with them now as it was when I left: It's just one big waste of time and money. The people who are still peddling it should wake up and have another coffee at Waffle House.