"The Event"

(from my prospective) DR got out of the business about 3 years previous so, I got a chance to work, firsthand with NMH. Boy, what a wonderful experience First of all, in the last year I was with, "The Halls" (NMH), I was told by N NOT to build the business… "for a while" Pretty good motivator, huh? Made me not too interested to continue working this business with THIS couple. Too bad I couldn't choose the people I work with…. There's a reason to tell you that you were not wanted in that organization. At this time, contacts from downline of me had groups in Indonesia, S. Korea and India. If only he could get me out of the picture, he could reap all those groups forever once they went direct in the aforementioned countries. Wouldn't have to split the pot with me. I don't know, speculation. The guy didn't really like me from the get go and probably would do anything to get rid of me. I wasn't the greatest builder in the world. I was motivated to succeed, but I was haphazard at times I just wanted to get out of the rut I was in and quit working altogether. That was my one lasting motivation for continuing to brainwash myself into believing that this program COULD REALLY WORK. Maybe, it was the fact that I wasn't bringing in the right type of people for him. He was a stern analytical and I wasn't (I was amiable and expressive) This drove him crazy, I think, so he didn't deal with me much. He dealt with people I brought in that had a lot of potential
Marie?? Well, we drove each other crazy. She was probably the phonier of the two (they were both pretty bad at faking it) I had to deal with that bitch every week at product pick up (which they scheduled at the worst time—right during rush hour—I spent so much time getting there—(DON'T ANYBODY TELL ME THERE ISN'T MUCH TIME INVOLVED WITH THIS THING, cause there is), I would bounce checks because downline would bounce them to me. I wasn't in the best of financial shape, ever, while I was "working" with NMH, so I couldn't cover them… and when I had to work with them directly, I seemed to have some sort of conflict with the woman every week. Sometimes, I enjoyed driving her nuts. I didn't like her attitude at product pickup. It was a complete drain working with her. I liked working with Tina much better! Bitch.

Norm?? Fake all the way. Had no interest in dealing with me. I was kind of forced on him because everybody between me and him (there were two other couples between us). I think the reason that both couples left was because of you. You probably buned them out. I probably put up with you a lot longer than the prevoius two because I never interacted with you. You avoided me like the plague, and treated me as being below you. You couldn't adjust to the fact that I was not analytical and anal like you. I was amiable & expressive and that drove you crazy. You only wanted to deal with people that were successful like you (if you could call yourself that) And when you found I had actually sponsored a couple that you could work with, you took them over and pushed me out of the way because you didn't think I could guide them to success. Maybe, you were right. Enough browbeating will make anyone doubt themselves and you were the best at that Norm Hall. You had no personality whatsoever. I'm sure you know that you are a fake.

Well, when N told me not to build anymore, I was demoralized. I faded out of it for about 7 months, missing my renewal period. I was just thinking of not renewing in my depressed state. Well, after snapping out of my funk, and sponsoring VKJ right near the end of 1993 (or beginning of 1994), I was 2 weeks late in submitting a renewal for the next year. So, I renewed anyway. Turns out I had to get some sort of Direct signature to be renewed with the existing group that I had spent 4 or 5 years building. Well, you know what, NMH would be happy to sign me in for another year (WITHOUT MY GROUP, mind you). After hearing about it, I went straight over their head and to their upline Brad Biegert who I called in person. I also slipped a number of barbs at the Halls, and how much I despised them and how they were this and that. Brad noted this and wanted to know if he could take care of this situation and get me renewed WITH my group. So, the effort was there, I would like to believe… I'm sure that Brad would have to talk with NMH to get their reasoning about why they took the action they did.
At this point, I thought to myself, do I really want to deal with those two assholes anymore?? There's internal bickering within some of my groups, namely the international ones. My answer: Not really. I had obtained records of how all the international business was doing—and they weren't doing as well as I had liked. I liked some of the people that I worked with.. Some had left for other organizations before this happened and so on. The main thing was, did I want to continue a working relationship with NMH?? The answer was a resounding, "No"
Part of me asked what might have been? Would I have continued to brainwash myself with the rah rah crap?? I was never into the hype; I wasn't standing up cheering on my "mentors" I could never get into that motivational crap. I thought all the functions were a waste of time & money but I went because I feared that I was going to lose another 3 months off going direct and my Uplines support.
So, a couple days later after I had spoken with Brad and spoken my mind about NMH, I arranged a time to leave their group. I didn't want anything to do with them anymore. There were too many signs and I tired of their act. I'm sure that the feeling was mutual.
As I sat in their front room for the last time ever, I wanted to say so much, I wanted to rip them to their face, I wanted to hurt them for causing me such pain and for wanting to get rid of me by trying this sneaky move. I put 5 years into this group and I'm basically leaving with nothing because I couldn't stand them anymore. I was willing to give that up to escape the BS that I had been dealing with recently.
I was tired of all the meetings, having a few people leave, only getting as high as 2400… Ooh ahhh ooh, a 500-bonus check!
For the past 1 year or more, I floated between 800 and 1200PV, diligently going to all the functions required. Following what my upline was saying
As a request, I would not appear at any functions for the next couple of months and not contact anyone in "their line of sponsorship" about where and what I was doing. I had such a hate for these people, that I was tempted to show up at one and blast them to no end, thus causing more dissention in that frail group of theirs but I didn't. It still simmers now and then…. I've wanted to do evil things to them since I know where they live and their phone number but as of this day, I have never acted on any of those urges.
I dislike Amway, the AMO I was with (INA) who didn't give a crap about you except for the money you were forking out to go to their sponsored events and the people I had to work with, Norm and Marie Hall
If I were a new distributor signing up, and knew what I knew going through this, I would've never signed up to be in this with the selection of people I worked with upline. Low class all the way around.

Norm & Marie: You have been Emerald since I started in Amway.. and that was late 1988. How you got there to begin with perplexes me. As of today, you are still Emeralds. How come you haven't moved on?? Must be your personality. You always seemed out of place. Someone who I still keep contact with tells me rumor has it you don't even keep Direct volume. What's keeping you afloat these days?? Kickbacks from Brad? Brad has to do something like that in order to keep his own house in order.
I hope you have to go back into the workforce, Mr. Hall. You belong in the corporate world. You would function better there. Just as long as I didn't have to work with you.
I would not recommend one person join your sinking ship business Mr. Hall. You don't deserve what you get. How many others did you step on in order to get where you are???
Okay, I'm off my soapbox. This is really how I feel. I've wanted to get this out for the longest time. Having it out and print and for others to read is helpful for me and that's the only one that counts here.

I mostly laugh at the fools who try it now—and the ones that have approached me about, "this great new business". Most will fail, eventually. And be a lot poorer for trying.