I was driving piece of crap cars.. I was getting them about once every 5 months or so. Causing me quite an expense… I can remember Norm always saying "Check upline before you make any expensive purchases" Well, I mentioned to him that I was considering buying a later model Toyota for reliability (the last car I possessed was stolen after I had left it for a day because some part went out on it. Heck, it was a 1977 Toyota Celica. ) He said not to… "Wait till you go Direct so you can appreciate working hard first and then getting the nicer car". Translated: (Me)

"If you do that, you'll have less money to spend through the AMO which means I'm going to lose out on some profits cause you aren't participating in the system fully."

Screw that, I just had a car stolen and I had been through a number of cars in the past 2 years that had failed me. I wasn't going to wait anymore. "Since when is this guy that I hardly know and lose respect for each day going to tell me what I can and cannot do. He's not going to buy my car for me or support me financially. Why should I listen to him?"

I got the car and didn't bother mentioning it to him. He didn't seem to care anyway when he found that I had done it. And I never had a stoppage in the tape program, though, I had another burden to deal with. My choice

The other conflict came when I was in Grants business. I was discovering that having ownership of a computer was something I probably would need to further my career down the line if the current type of work goes dry on me. Besides, I wanted to sign up with one of those online services to chat, chat, chat! (I soon got over that real soon after seeing one or two bills Grant gave me the same reasoning as Norm. Save it for later. Again, BS, I was going to get what I wanted when I wanted to. I was less and less inclined to do anything with the stupid business. But, I was still buying tapes on a weekly basis and not listening to many, if none, at that point. Why was I still buying the stupid tapes that had nothing but the same dribble that I had been hearing for the past 6 years…. It was the fear that if I didn't buy into the program my upline, who knows everything would not work with me anymore. Therefore, I would not go direct in x days, and would have to work for the rest of my life. (That was always inferred by both Directs I had the honor (NOT) to work with)

I had a couple of distributors who had wised up to the Halls and had moved on. One guy who left was "renting" a car from me at the time. His actions so pissed me off that I had the car repossessed, leaving them in quite the lurch (their other car was in the shop and I knew this). Leave MY group, why don't you? You're going to pay big time… I'm going to hurt you. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who reacted that way when someone you really worked with, decided to move on to another group. Surprisingly enough, I still have contact with this person, though, it's not even close to what it was while we were doing the business together.

One other couple left my "group" while I was in Codigas business. Not that they were doing anything and I wasn't working with them either… Just the occasional visit and I had helped them move. Then, they had the nerve to put in for a transfer. I was still insulted more because I had helped these people move and had listened to stories from the wife about how she was raped time and time again by her father. I felt sorry for the woman but that turned to fiery anger once they decided to move on. They used me and then spit me out once they didn't have any use for me anymore. They weren't top notch people to begin with either. So, I was probably better off without them. I think I left "the business" for good soon after.