A Spring Cleaning

Spring brings flowers, melts ice, brings in "mud season", and some of us unlucky ones end up sneezing countless times until the blooms stop bloomin'. It also brings out the yard/house sales. I am one such. We are selling the contents of the house, excluding the fixtures and appliances. Everything else that isn't nailed down is up on the sale block. Sale commences on Sunday, March 23, 2008, at 1pm. Those of you that have already expressed interest, will get emails, directing you to my rural location. It would be worth the trip if you're looking to pick up anything for the house. Come on by...we'll be expecting you!

Down below-- Most of these items will be part of the ad you have seen in the various "bartercycles" throught the greater Northeast PA area, which might even reach down towards the Poconos. Prefer showings will only be by appointment, as I am hard to find in rural Wayne County. I am about 8 miles SE of Deposit, NY, if that helps, 35 miles east of Binghamton, NY by way of 17. 40 miles NE of Scranton, PA, by way of I-81 and a country road or three. (email me a time)
The link, for Pottstown (30 miles northwest of Philadelphia) are of items I have in storage. If you like something on that list, just indicate me your item of interest.

Summary of items near Deposit, NY (that's why you're here, right?)items
(some items are not pictured-- inquire) Furniture of the house-it's where it starts. Goes on for a few pages. We are having a major spring cleaning., For the bedroom or bath, Building Materials , plumbing supplies ,2 vehicles (titles are in my possession, free and clear.), Some furniture, baseball items, PC's: both parts, and whole units. Most parts are either in Pottstown or have been sold. You'll have to come and take a look, I'm sure I won't have everything listed on the website-- you'll just get an idea of what I have.
Summary of items in Royersford, PA (Pottstown link for more items)

Shipping rates vary and if you're in either of the two areas, you can always stop by and pick them up.
Please view my Active Auctions on eBay for items not found here.

Picture & Title
(click for larger view)
Tape Player 5.00
unsure of workability. As is.
  5 n 1 Game Chest 5.00
Mini Porcelain Tea Kettle 5.00 Antique
Reads, "Made in Occupied Japan". Dark red in color
  Clever Hans Figure 75.00 Antique
small, not @ure of its age, but we have a few closeups. emailKatherine, contact her at Wake Robin Antiques in Lakewood, PA.
Scale- New York 8.00 Antique
Alarm Clock 3.00 Antique
  Panasonic table radio 15.00 Antique
Table Radio
Can only ship. In storage in Philadelphia
  Tea kettle 5.00 Antique
Yetz Screwdriver set 3.00 Antique
older set ,with case
Clock parts- Verichron 0.00 Antique
parts from a Verichron clock (above). They would include the pendulum, and the key.
  Set of Weights 75.00 Antique sold
  White Metal bookends 75.00 Antique sold
Express Interest, email or contact Katherine at Wake Robin Antiques in Lakewood, PA.
Humidifier 12.00 Appliances
still works, need to prod it a little these days. Dark brown in color
Humidifier 80.00 Appliances
white in color. Newer.. About 2 years old. Works fine
Dryer 125.00 Appliances
white, in fine condition. Please reserve and pick up near end of sale. I still need to use it a few times.

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I have a few items for junk, a wood pile, where you might have some outdoor uses for, or just to burn. It would need to be hauled out of here. Might have a few stray computer items leftover from what I didn't get to the junker.