People that I "introduced" to the business---

Some were brainwashees but most were smarter than that.

First of all, I want to apologize to all the people I approached about Amway/INA. I didn't know what I was doing and was blinded by the promised successes of being involved with this. I really thought it could work for me and for you. I was sincere,

A somewhat chronological list of who I recruited..

1:Well, I signed up my first person about 1 month later--- CJ, about my level—which wasn't saying much. He didn't do much either. He was a bus rider like I was, and was worse off than I was. It was amazing that he came up with the sign up fee of $125 for the Sales & Marketing Kit (SMK). I followed the same process with him, cept, I didn't introduce him to Norm Hall which was probably a good thing

. 2: T&KM: Met through my recreation--- bowling. They actually did the business for a while and signed up a few people but was very inconsistent on doing the business. Never was sold on the program--- and that was probably a good thing. They moved clear across the county and didn't renew. They signed up J&GC whom I worked with after they dropped out.

3: MJK. Met through my recreation. He was probably the most active person and actually was sold on the AMO, like me. We worked together a lot, hung out a lot and became Amway buddies, like the system tells you to be. Hang out with only people that will build you up, not tear you down (that means anyone who is NOT in the business--- they're DREAM STEALERS). He also signed up about 8 others, none of which did much. But he pressed on for a few years before he jumped lines of sponsorship about 5 years laterÀ and did nothing in either of the other two lines of sponsorship We went to functions/seminars together. We were a team, heading on the road to riches. That's what we believed for the longest time. For the last couple of years, he's gainfully employed at a job he really loves and wouldn't trade it for the world. I am happy for him. He married now and has two kids and lives locally. And his wife sells AVON. They dropped out of A?#@y a few years ago

4: WDW: Also met thru my recreation. He really tried, really did. I think he sponsored one person who quit a few weeks later. He wanted to do well, but just never got over his fear of contacting people. I used a more gentle approach with him. I showed a few plans for him, (including one where I had a knife thrown at me during the plan) He moved about a 100 miles away and I continued to support him, driving up a few times. Because of what happened to me (I lost my group to the Halls because of a paperwork snafu), I lost track of him afterward. Have run into him a few times since then--- back through the recreation. I tend to speak negative about the business when I've talked with him recently and apologetic and snookering him into it in the first place. He's still in the biz but gets no contact from the Halls. That doesn't surprise me. The Halls only want suckers who will sell out for the AMO, cause I'm sure they're in on the tape profits. WDW only buys products now and sometimes gets board notes. But he has to ASK for them. Pretty shoddy service. He still "buys from himself" He's been at it for 9 years now and still renews every year. Don't think he goes to the functions anymore. I think he still has hope that something will happen but nothing probably will. He's moving up to a more remote area and retiring.

5: J&RL: First couple that actually intrigued my upline, Norm & Marie Hall. Almost immediately after I signed them up (with N's help), they wanted to work with them exclusively. Since they were more of the couple they were looking for in their business structure¨ Well, J was in real estate and R worked at a major electronics firm locally. They owned a house. They knew people that were well off This really piqued the Halls interest in this couple. (being what I had signed up before) They knew a lot of Koreans… South Korea was about ready to open up. The Halls worked with this couple, I really never did, neither did I have the faith in myself to lead a couple like this to success. It was something that the Halls inferred to me as they worked with me closer and closer, as level after level after level quit between me and the Halls. Working with the Halls, they signed up a number of Korean couples which lead them to some family and friends in S. Korea who would sign up at the onset of Amway entering into that country somewhere in 1992. The Halls were excited about that and probably blew them out. I only saw JRL at one function the entire time I was in. J was always on the road and didn't have the schedule to attend these things, but the Halls worked with them anyway because of the incredible potential this couple provided. I was pretty much pushed out of the picture and ended up working with other members of my "group/family" Korea got interesting after it opened. I believe it had some problems and Amway had to change some policies in order to operate in that country. The Halls actually signed up a number of Korean couples that came to a function or two. I would be introduced and then they'd run off somewhere else. I was basically ignored at any functions since I didn't have any "credibility" with the Halls.

6: RS: Person I worked with. Of Indonesian descent. This person also piqued my uplines interest because of the onset of Indonesia opening. I somewhat worked with this couple but the Halls wanted to work with them too because of the potential of what could happen internationally with them as well. I also found myself kind of in the middle of some internal problems between members in that group and Marie Hall. There was dissent within RS's downline regarding business in Indonesia and S. Korea--- things I never really seemed to know much about since the Halls kept me in the dark of what was going on in that country….. I think I saw one report showing business activity in that area. But, I could never qualify for it unless I was DD or higher. This is where something interesting happened between myself and Norm Hall which I will put in a page all to itself which is what led me to change lines of sponsorship about 2 years later.

7: J&GC: fellow bowlers. J was deaf and I help him show some plans to no avail. His brother made fun of him by saying not so nice things about J "trying everything under the sun" (he had tried the water filtration system company while doing Amway, so I knew he wasn't committed to the Amway deal completely). I worked with him a bit then it became less and less. I see him every so often now, bowling a lot of games and getting better at it. The Halls NEVER worked with this couple. These people were sponsored by T&KM. And I took over after they moved out of the area.

8: VJP: I signed him up right before "The Event" happened. The ink had just dried up on the application when the Halls dropped the bomb on me….. So, I never got a chance to work with him or his family. Was of Indian descent (India), so I'm sure that excited the Halls to no end because India was going to be opening up in the next year or so I guess. I never found that out cause it didn't for at least the next 2 years that I was in the business with another organization.